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IBC at a glance

In many countries, the harmful use of alcohol and drugs hinder sustainable social and economic development. People live in precarious conditions in need, unemployment and without perspective. International Blue Cross (IBC) is therefore committed to reducing the negative impact of alcohol and drug use worldwide and to enabling a constructive coexistence in societies - free of violence, oppression and addiction-related diseases! From Switzerland to the Faroe Islands, from Congo to Brazil - since 1886, IBC has been committed to those who live on the margins of society and seek to alleviate their hardship.

As a non-governmental and non-profit umbrella organisation, IBC coordinates the activities of 40 affiliated member organisations. In an advisory capacity, we support them primarily in the financing, planning and implementation of various projects in the field of alcohol and drug prevention. The members are all independent, non-denominational Christian associations.

Together with more than 1000 social workers, prevention experts and other professionals around the world, we form a network that helps people on four continents to lead addiction-free lives.

As a global health organisation, IBC also implements international development cooperation programmes in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The focus lies on alcohol and drug prevention, treatment and counselling for people with substance abuse problems, as well as international policy advice and lobbying. Currently we are running three prevention programmes with partners in Africa.

Our history

The origins of the Blue Cross movement and thus of the international umbrella organisation IBC go back to the 19th century. Alcohol problems were widespread in the society of that time. This prompted the Swiss pastor Louis-Lucien Rochat to get involved for those affected. Together with his colleagues, he tried to alleviate the suffering of alcohol-dependent people. His commitment led to the official founding of the Blue Cross on 21 September 1877 in Geneva.

Soon, the Blue Cross movement spread beyond the Swiss borders. This created the need to unite the individual groups under one international umbrella organisation. That's why the "Comité International" was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) in 1886 - and thus the International Blue Cross was born. Soon the movement not only crossed national borders but also spread beyond Europe: in 1906 the first non-European Blue Cross organisation was founded in Ghana. Today, more than 40 national organisations from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America are part of the International Blue Cross.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

  • We see a world where everyone can choose a life free of addiction.
  • We see a world where everyone harmed by addiction has access to treatment.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to prevent and reduce substance abuse among the most vulnerable people around the world.
  • Drawing on the global diversity, experience, and passion of the Blue Cross members, we mitigate the harmful consequences related to addiction.

Fields of work

Alcohol Policy / Advocacy

Structural prevention of substance abuse harm requires evidence-based alcohol and drug policies. IBC is committed to take action, encourage monitoring of local progress, and highlight the need to protect alcohol policy development from interference by commercial interests. IBC supports WHO-led initiative SAFER with aim to support global target of reducing harmful use of alcohol by 10% by 2025.


IBC promotes a comprehensive approach on prevention that combines individual (behavioral) prevention with community action and structural prevention.
Behavioural prevention through life-skills approach is a successful IBC solution to prevent drug and alcohol harm and equip people for good wellbeing.

IBC implements life skills approach for youth within their development cooperation programmes.

Treatment / Counselling

Different Blue Cross organisations provide brief intervention, treatment and counselling services to people and significant others effected by alcohol drugs and gambling. Blue Cross organisations acknowledge a bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of human being and there is a variety of treatment models used to respond to these needs.

Self/Mutual Help and Aftercare

IBC encourages the development of healthy living communities through mutual and self-help activities. People with the same disease or similar life situations connect together in a mutual support group.

The groups are an important part of motivational work during the recovery process after treatment and rehabilitation, effective to prevent a relapse into addiction. Groups are facilitated by Blue Cross professionals or volunteers and are based on the mutual support that leads to an experience of community, personal growth, more confidence and sense in life.


National Blue Cross organisations are involved in activities that do not fall within the four main categories. Examples of these are ‘Drop in Centres’ Homelessness and Pre-Employment schemes that all aim to support a person to take positive steps towards independent and meaningful life.

Organisational Structure

The International Blue Cross (IBC) is a non-governmental organisation that unites 40 national Blue Cross organisations under one umbrella, creating a worldwide network for advancing a common cause. We bundle professional expertise and know-how of the various Blue Cross organisations, allowing us to utilize and integrate each organisation´s experiences effectively locally and on the international level. The member organisations are the main provider of Blue Cross services and are represented by the board (Network Committee).



The General Secretariat of IBC coordinates the networking with the member organisations and supports them in topics such as programme implementation, fundraising and strategic planning. Furthermore, the Secretariat implements international development projects with local partners and member organisations in Africa.

The headquarter of the international secretariat of the International Blue Cross is located in Bern, Switzerland. Besides our presence in Switzerland, secretariat staff is also placed in Germany and Finland.

Anne Babb, General Secretary
Katrin Schmidt, Finance Officer
Flavia Ganarin, Program Officer
Sonja Pönisch, Networking and Administration
Anja Tuchtenhagen, Fundraising and Public Relations
Noemi Zulauf, Administrative Support

Network Committee

The Network Committee is the governing body of IBC.

Albert Moukolo, Switzerland
Ph.D. External Staff of the University of Lausanne
President of the International Blue Cross
Member of the Network Committee since 1999

Reinhard Jahn, Germany
Managing Director Blue Cross Germany
Vice President of International Blue Cross
Member of Network Committee since 2008

Rolf Hartmann, Brazil
President Blue Cross Brazil
Member of Network Committee since 2008

Hans Eglin, Switzerland
Central Board Blue Cross Switzerland
Member of Network Committee since 2016

Palesa Phelane, South Africa
Chairman of the Youth Blue Cross South Africa
Member Network Committee since 2016

Fanjanirina Holiarisoa Rasolomanana, Madagascar
Priestess and Program Coordinator of Blue Cross Madagascar
Member of Network Committee since 2012

Ingalill Söderberg, Sweden
Journalist and Community Representative
Member of the Network Committee since 2012

Holger Lux, Romania
Managing Director, Director of Rehabilitation Center for addicted Men of House of Nazareth in Romania
Member Network Committee since 2008

Revocatus Nginila, Tanzania
Project Coordinator Blue Cross Tanzania
Member of Network Committee since 2016

General Assembly

Our main representative and deliberative organ is the General Assembly, the supreme decision making authority of the International Blue Cross. Each member organisation is entitled to send one representative to the Assembly. The General Assembly congregates every four years, at which time it elects and delegates governing authority to the Network Committee (board) of the International Blue Cross. The General Assembly also takes decisions that provide direction and guidance on key issues affecting the strategy and activities of the Blue Cross movement worldwide.


The International Blue Cross is the non-governmental umbrella organisation that represents the work of its around 40 national member organisations at the international level. Each of these organisations is independent and dedicated to further the mandate of the Blue Cross movement as articulated in its vision and mission, according to specified standards of professional ethics and core Blue Cross values - namely respect, dignity, solidarity, inclusiveness, and care for others.

All Blue Cross national member organisations are required to adhere to a set of membership criteria agreed by the General Assembly. These criteria cover:

  • Organisational establishment and information
  • Governance
  • Values and ethics
  • Standards of management, socio-developmental and professional practice
  • Payment of membership fees
  • Obligations towards other Blue Cross members at the regional and international levels

Blue Cross national member organisations are expected to exist before applying for membership or to quickly develop into locally accountable and self-sustaining organisations. This means that in addition to having a local membership base they need to implement viable activities that are contributing to addressing issues relating to alcohol- and illicit drug-related harm.

Requests for affiliation are received and examined by the Secretariat and following initial inquiries are submitted to the Network Committee (board) of the International Blue Cross for consideration, acceptance or rejection.

Contact for more InformationSonja PönischAdministrative CoordinatorTel: +41 (0)31 301 98 04Email: s.poenisch@internationalbluecross.org

National Blue Cross Organisations

Today, the Blue Cross is active in 35 countries around the globe. Each of these countries has a national Blue Cross organisation which is a member of the International Blue Cross. Please find below a list of these members.


Blue Cross of Botswana

P.O. Box 40343


Alex Kasongo

Blue Cross Burkina Faso

01 BP 4208
Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso

Phone: 00226 70256604

Séni Jean CONGO

Blue Cross Cameroon

B.P. 6577


Bernadette Nkoegouo

Croix-Bleue Tchadienne

B.P. 4284
TD - N'Djaména


Samadji Mbangtonou

Blue Cross Côte d'Ivoire

17 B.P. 391
CI Abidjan 17
Côte d'Ivoire


Akre Laurent Gbanta

Croix-Bleue de la RDC

54, Ludisi Q/7 Comm. De N’djili
B.P. 177
KIN-20 Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of the Congo


Jérôme Ngombo Diankanga

Ghana Blue Cross Society

P.O. Box GP 13 017
GH Accra


Patrick Acheampong

Blue Cross Kenya

P.O. Box 5564
KE 100 Nairobi GPO


Ishmael Shem

Blue Cross Lesotho



Mojalefa Mokebisa

Croix-Bleue Malagasy

Lot IV-A 11 Antaninandro
MG 101 Antananarivo


Rev. Ramandrosoa Herisolo

Blue Cross of Nigeria

Rev. Vasco Abudu
Blue Cross of Nigeria
4.Omorodion Steet, Evbuotubu Rd
Box 1827
Benin City / 30,0001 Edo State


Joseph Oseghale

Croix-Bleue du Congo

B.P. 13 731
475 Avenue Fulbert
Republic of the Congo

Phone: +242 559 58 46

Zepherin Abel Moukolo

Blue Cross South Africa

PO Box 5753
South Africa


Julius Phelane

Blue Cross Tanzania

St. Anrdrew's Parish Town Library
P.O. Box 471
TZ Ifakara


Vincent Pagungire

Croix-Bleue Togolaise

B.P. 6127
TG Lomé


Ayaovi Motchon


Blue Cross of India

37, Ravi Nagar
Khajarana Road
Indore 452018, MP


Rakesh Mittal

Blue Cross Samaritan Home

8-18 Fujino 4-3 chome
JP-061-2284 Minami-ku


Mr. Kazuo SAITOH

Blue Cross of Russia

c/o Jürgen Paschke
Irisstraße 9
29227 Celle


Jürgen Paschke


Blue Cross in Austria

Tischlerstrasse 27
4050 Traun

Phone: +43 (0) 699 / 1465 1901

Horst Koger

Blue Cross Czech Republic

Modrý kríž v Ceské republice, o.s.
ul. Šadový 311
737 01 Ceský Tešín
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 595 534 521

Mgr. Jan Czudek

Blå Kors Danmark

Suensonsvej 1
DK 8600 Silkeborg

Phone: 8681 1500

Christian Bjerre

Blái Krossur Faroe Islands

Heiðavegur 6
FO-620 Runavík
Faroe Islands

Phone: 298 470 700

Dakko Petersen

Sininauhaliitto, Blue Ribbon

Opastinsilta 7 A
00520 Helsinki

Phone: +358 (0)50 590 9339

Teemu Tiensuu

Société française de la Croix-Bleue

189. Rue Belliard
FR 75018 Paris

Phone: 01 42 28 37 37

Alain Charpentier

Blaues Kreuz in Deutschland e.V.

Schubertstraße 41
42289 Wuppertal

Phone: 0202/62003-0

Reinhard Jahn

Magyar Kékkereszt Egyesület

XV Alagi tér 13
1151 Budapest


Katalin Némethné Balogh

Blå Kors i Norge

Storgata 38
N-0182 Oslo

Phone: +47 (0)22 03 27 40

Jan Elverum

Blekitny Krzyz w Polsce

Blekitny Krzyz w Polsce Sp. z o.o.
ul. Dzwonkowa 138
43-384 Jaworze

Phone: +48 (0)33 817 28 38

Dr. Roman Wojnar

Cruz Azul de Portugal

Rua da Escola de Brejos Clérigos, 290
2925-806 Brejos de Azeitão

Phone: +351 963 828 974

Samuel Dias

Crucea Albastrá din România

Str. Principala 405
RO 557270 Sura Mica Jud. Sibiu


Marius Oltean

Blå Bandet

Princess Hall
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14
SE 115 27 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 667 62 52

Per-Olof Svensson, per-olof.svensson@blabandet.se

Blaues Kreuz Schweiz

Lindenrain 5
3012 Bern

Phone: +41 31 300 58 60
Fax: +41 31 300 58 69

Didier Rochat

Blaues Kreuz Ukraine

ul. Maschinastraitelnaja 61
UA-87520 Mariupol Donetskaja Oblast


Heinz Nitzsche

South America

Cruz Azul no Brasil

Rua São Paulo, 3424. Bairro Itoupava Seca.
89.030-000 – Blumenau – SC

President: Rolf Hartmann
General Secretary: Geral: Egon Schlüter

Phone: (047) 3035-8400

Avila Luis Carlos

Comunidades La Roca

Merced Oriente 60
Viña del Mar

Phone: +56 2 2696 70 77

Ivan Alvarado Vega

Corporación Carpe Diem

Lo Espejo 0280
El Bosque
Santiago de Chile

Phone: +56 2 2696 70 77

Rubén Pavez

Blue Cross Paraguay

Oficina central: Paso de Patria 3162
telefono 560556/7
Facebook: Grupo de apoyo el camino


Pst. Felix Duarte Dupont (Dr.h.c.)

National Blue Cross Youth Organisations

Additionally, some countries have a national Blue Cross youth association. These are considered independent members of the International Blue Cross in order to give youth in the worldwide Blue Cross movement a voice and special significance.

According to the IFBC statutes, Blue Cross youth associations have a representative in the eleven-headed Network Committee (board) of the International Blue Cross. The current representative for the youth associations is Reinhard Jahn from Germany.


Jugendwerk des Blauen Kreuzes in Deutschland e.V.

Schubertstraße 41
42289 Wuppertal

Phone: 0202/62003-0

Dirk Höllerhage

Blåkors Ungdom

Postboks 4793,
0506 Oslo

Phone: 2203 2740

Sveriges Blåbandsungdom

Princess Hall
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14
SE 115 27 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)8 667 62 52

Blaues Kreuz Schweiz

Blaues Kreuz
Prävention + Gesundheitsförderung
Geschäftsstelle Deutschschweiz
Lindenrain 5
Postfach 8957
3001 Bern

Phone: 031/302 13 75

Didier Rochat