International Blue Cross

International Blue Cross (IBC) protects people from being harmed by alcohol and drugs. As a non-governmental organisation IBC unites 38 independent national organisations in 37 countries under its umbrella. That makes it possible for us to engage worldwide in protecting the most vulnerable people and offering them better prospects. We advocate for a society free of violence, discrimination and addiction-related illness!

Fields of Intervention

  • alcohol and drug prevention programmes
  • therapy and counselling
  • advocacy and lobbying

As professional actor in international development cooperation, IBC places the utmost importance on the sustainability of its programmes. Our special focus is on alcohol and drug prevention programmes for the youth. We achieve long-lasting impact by equipping people to help themselves, simultaneously influencing decision-makers, pressing for effective policies to protect people. IBC is ZEWO-certified and holds consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC).

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Self-help training in Botswana


Project preparation visit at Blue Cross Society Tanzania


International Blue Cross works within good governance structures whilst implementing projects and programmes with its partners. This requires good project cycle management, throughout preparation and implementation of operational handbook that covers internal regulations, policies that steer professional code of conduct, administrative, human resources and finance management.

Between 27.11-4.12.2019 Anne Babb and Sonja Pönisch run this intensive workshop for Blue Cross Society Tanzania’s secretariat, board and volunteers. In addition we had meetings with key stakeholders. We visited the City Council department for NGO work and discussed the next steps of collaboration with developing life skills, community action and policy advocacy work. At Arusha Sober Houses we discussed collaboration for community action with leaders of NA based therapeutic community treatment model and we facilitated a discussion with two churches in order to find ways to reach vulnerable communities.

Blue Cross Tanzania enjoyed also learning basics of project cycle management and latest information about alcohol and drug harm, self-help and skills on creating change through behavioral prevention. Thank you for all at BC Tanzania for your warm hospitality and we wish you much strength and blessings for implementing all new things on your daily work!

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