International Blue Cross

International Blue Cross (IBC) protects people from being harmed by alcohol and drugs. As a non-governmental organisation IBC unites 38 independent national organisations in 37 countries under its umbrella. That makes it possible for us to engage worldwide in protecting the most vulnerable people and offering them better prospects. We advocate for a society free of violence, discrimination and addiction-related illness!

Fields of Intervention

  • alcohol and drug prevention programmes
  • therapy and counselling
  • advocacy and lobbying

As professional actor in international development cooperation, IBC places the utmost importance on the sustainability of its programmes. Our special focus is on alcohol and drug prevention programmes for the youth. We achieve long-lasting impact by equipping people to help themselves, simultaneously influencing decision-makers, pressing for effective policies to protect people. IBC is ZEWO-certified and holds consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC).

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IBC Network Committee Meeting in Paris


Paris - The IBC Network Committee (board) meeting, together with IBC Secretariat staff, took place from 28.-30 October for the third time in the French capital. The agenda included strategy development, the planning for the General Assembly in 2020 in South Africa and updates from Lisbon Addicitions Conference etc. IBC wants to take a stronger presence on drug prevention and speak against drug legalisation movements. Especially cannabis is a concern as more availability is leading to higher per capita consumption and increase of consumers that creates more harm and addiction. We need strong civil society voice world wide to tackle against the commercial powers on legalisation of drugs.

Rolf Hartmann from Brazil presented a thank you for IBC President Albert Moukolo and GS Anne Babb for the support to BC Brazil. Thank you Rolf Hartmann also for representing IBC at Lisbon Addictions conference!

IBC Network Committee Meeting in Paris

Joining forces to direct Blue Cross Global Strategy


Again in Paris! The IBC Network Committee (board) and IBC Secretariat staff meeting took place from 8-10. May in the French capital. Main points of the agenda were the planning for the General Assembly in 2020 and the strategical outlook for the period 2020 - 2024. It continues to be important to involve all Blue Crosses around the world more closely in gloal steering processes. Participants brainstormed how to achieve this and -additionally to the actions of the IBC General Secretariat- the board members agreed to take this message to the Blue Crosses in their countries. In a world where the global alcohol consume rate is rising, global action and strategies are needed.

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