International Blue Cross

International Blue Cross (IBC) protects people from being harmed by alcohol and drugs. As a non-governmental organisation IBC unites 38 independent national organisations in 37 countries under its umbrella. That makes it possible for us to engage worldwide in protecting the most vulnerable people and offering them better prospects. We advocate for a society free of violence, discrimination and addiction-related illness!

Fields of Intervention

  • alcohol and drug prevention programmes
  • therapy and counselling
  • advocacy and lobbying

As professional actor in international development cooperation, IBC places the utmost importance on the sustainability of its programmes. Our special focus is on alcohol and drug prevention programmes for the youth. We achieve long-lasting impact by equipping people to help themselves, simultaneously influencing decision-makers, pressing for effective policies to protect people. IBC is ZEWO-certified and holds consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC).

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Youth for protection against COVID-19


In the Republic of Congo, where we run our Life Skills programme, a peer-to-peer prevention programme has proven successful in sensitizing youth for appropriate behaviour to limit the spread of the virus. Youth participants of the “Generation 5S” (5S: sans drogue, sans alcohol, sans violence, sans VIH/SIDA, sans discrimination) use leaflets to sensitize their peers for correct behaviour. In a second step they encourage them to pass on the information to others, distributing leaflets to them and triggering a snowball-system.

Coping with the challenges of COVID-19


A lot has happened in the past days. In most places around the world governments and local authorities are implementing policies of social isolation to protect people from the fast spread of the Coronavirus. All of us need to adapt now to the new circumstances and confront the challenges of the pandemic COVID-19.

The most important to us is to protecting the vulnerable from disease – and this more so now! In all IBC programmes the local safety measures are being implemented. Activities within our Life Skills programmes in Togo, Chad and the Republic of Congo are continuing to being implemented according to the respective country´s situation and strictly in accordance with the advises of the World Health Organisation on Covid19. Blue Cross organisations around the world are rolling up their sleeves to be creative and to find the best way to be at the service of their clients and partners.
The International Blue Cross team- and board members currently work flexibly from home, the office of the IBC Secretariat in Bern is only sporadically occupied. Hence you might not reach us via our office phone number. So, please write us an e-mail indicating how we can reach you and we are happy to get back to you.
A further consequence we drew from the actual situation is the postponement of the IBC General Assembly. Instead of October 2020, it will take place one year later, from 4 to 8 October in South Africa. We are hopeful that by then this global health emergency had been solved without causing too high numbers of casualties.

And let us all dare to think that this pandemic not only means isolation, disruption and suffering – it also is a chance to reflect on ourselves, our role in this world and lead us to new shores discovering how we can best learn, work and live together in the future.
We wish you and your loved ones that you safely go through these hard times.

In solidarity,

Your Team of International Blue Cross

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