Burkina Faso

May 2020

Q&A with Mr OUEDRAOGO Tienwebdé Serges, Volunteer member at the Blue Cross Burkina Faso

Mr OUEDRAOGO Tienwebdé SergesVolunteer member at the Blue Cross Burkina Faso

1. Why is the work of the Blue Cross important to you?

Joining the Blue Cross of Burkina Faso as a volunteer is important to me as through the BC, a lot of people and especially the youth and other older people who were addicted to alcohol and cigarettes etc. have let go and are now enjoying their lives and are being considered by society.

2. Are you convinced of the impact of your work – if so, which aspects?

Yes, my work has triggered change in people who could not manage to make savings due to their addiction to alcohol and cigarette consumption and others, and are now better organised on a daily basis and have enough money to cater for their families.

3. What was your happiest moment during your time with Blue Cross?

The most satisfactory moment during my mission as a volunteer within the Blue Cross of my country was when I had to work with a family leader who was on the ledge. It was a difficult task but by the grace of God, he managed to stop drinking for his health and the wellbeing of his family.

4. What is/was your biggest challenge in your work for Blue Cross?

The biggest challenge while working at the Blue Cross is to have a society that is in good physical, mental and moral health, i.e. tobacco, drug and alcohol free etc.

5. Blue Cross in your country: What do you consider your most important project?

The most important project is for the Blue Cross to be at national level.
Following the online training with Anne BABB, we need to be able to extend the work within our country; it is critical for our youth as they are the future of the Nation. Our State enacted laws and we need to sensitize some actors involved in the trade of alcohol and cigarettes near primary and secondary schools.