Juli 2019

F&A mit Kazuo Saito, Facility manager Blaues Kreuz Samariyakan

Kazuo SaitoFacility manager of Blue Cross Samariyakan

1. Why is the work of the Blue Cross important to you?

We think that to support for recovery from alcohol use disorder, the problem of gambling is important. We follow the example in the “Parable of the Good Samaritan.”

2. Are you convinced of the impact of your work – if so, which aspects?

We’re pleased that the members of Samariyakan will recover from alcohol use disorder and gambling problems with one or two years of using the program, and they will ultimately be able to rejoin society.

3. What was your happiest moment during your time with Blue Cross?

During the time we spend with Samariyakan members recovering from alcohol use disorder and gambling problems, we relate as friends together.

4. What is/was your biggest challenge in your work for Blue Cross?

Thanks to the staff’s efforts, Samariyakan continues to be active after 40 years as a Blue Cross member.

5. Blue Cross in your country: What do you consider your most important project?

We are the only Blue Cross member in Japan. The most important things for us is the prevention of alcohol use disorder and gambling problems in young people and supporting rehabilitation.