April 2018

Q&A with Mrs. Doris V Hlaise, Deputy General Secretary

Mrs. Doris V Hlaise

1. Why is the Blue Cross work important to you?

It is important to me because we are helping people who are suffering from drugs and substance abuse. Moreover, we concentrate on the youth because they are tomorrow's nation.

2. Are you convinced of the impact of your work - if so, which aspects?

Yes, it has an impact. In 2015 we adopted a child who had left school for 2 years while he was in grade 11. Now the boy is in university thanks to the Blue Cross. We visited his family over time, and eventually we won him.

3. What was your happiest moment during your time with Blue Cross?

My happiest moment is to see that there are boys and girls who are listening to us. We succeeded in saving one girl and one boy. The girl was 13 years old and she abandoned by her parents. We went there and managed to win this child, she is now in grade 11.

4. What is/was your biggest challenge in your work for Blue Cross?

Our biggest challenge is the parents who also drink or do drugs. So it is so difficult to win the children because they see their parents doing the same thing that we are fighting against.

5. Blue Cross in your country: What do you consider as your most important project?

The most important thing that we have to do is to educate our people to understand that drugs are not good for their health and the health of their children. It is what we are trying to do. Through the help of our Almighty God, I have no doubt we will win.