Januar 2019

Q&A with Nemeth Katalin Balogh, President of BC Hongarie

Nemeth Katalin BaloghPresident of BC Hongarie

1. Why is the work of the Blue Cross important to you?

From God our mission is to proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ toward people suffering from alcoholism.

2. Are you convinced of the impact of your work – if so, which aspects?

In Hungary, the healing service is recognized nationwide. Healthcare, social and church workers send us the helpers.

3. What was your happiest moment during your time with Blue Cross?

Finding a community of faith during the service.

4. What is/was your biggest challenge in your work for Blue Cross?

Among the common changes, find the way and conditions for further operation.

5. Blue Cross in your country: What do you consider your most important project?

Now and the next year we build a healing home. This construction will help to improve the conditions of our service. So we can pay more attention to our alcoholic brothers.