IBC welcomes a new member

Blue Cross Paraguay is now part of IBC´s global network


The International Blue Cross is pleased to announce its newest member organization, Blue Cross Paraguay, which we warmly welcome into our global network!

Last month Blue Cross Paraguay celebrated the launch of its newly planned therapeutic community called “El Camino,” or “The Way” in the capital, Asuncion. Once completed, the center will offer space for 60 full-time residents seeking holistic treatment services for alcohol and/or drug addiction. Colleagues from Blue Cross Brazil are offering support to El Camino by training leaders, volunteers and collaborators of Blue Cross Paraguay - another good example of knowledge and skills transfer within the Blue Cross network.

Colleagues from Blue Cross Brazil, which holds expertise in the field of Self Help as a means for cost-effective treatment and aftercare, have undertaken efforts to support the development and expansion of this new organization. Self help groups in Paraguay are established in partnership with the Mennonite Churches and offer people harmed by addiction a safe environment where they can seek mutual support in the recovery process. They are an excellent means of service provision to people affected by alcohol and drug-related harm, including family members who suffer the stigma, shame and other associated effects of their loves ones addiction.

The leader of the new organization is P. Felix Duarte Dupont, who previously coordinated prevention projects with inmates in prisons in Paraguay – another social work initiative of the Churchill Mennonites.