Reinhard Jahn is the new President of IBC!


October 7, 2021– International Blue Cross (IBC) is happy to announce that Reinhard Jahn has been elected president at its General Assembly on 07 October, which -due to the pandemic- took place in an online format.
Reinhard Jahn, CEO of the Blue Cross Germany, has extensive professional experience in the field of addiction and due to his position in the Blue Cross Germany possesses vast leadership- and management skills. He has been an active member in the IBC Network Committee since 2008. His involvement in Blue Cross´ international work has allowed him to become familiar with structures and processes within the federation- and development work of International Blue Cross.

Ever since committed to the cause of Blue Cross, Reinhard Jahn wishes to further enhance the cooperation between the German Blue Cross and promote networking and mutual learning between all Blue Cross member organisations and the international Secretariat of IBC. In his inaugural speech the newly appointed president affirms: “IBC is an invitation for all of us to stay connected and share experiences, doubts and ask and answer questions together. It is also an invitation to addicts and families in the Blue Cross countries to seek help and realize that they are not alone in their battle against alcohol harm and addiction. I would like to serve IBC in a faith-based and holistic way and continue and even enhance the engagement of Blue Cross Germany with IBC. I am motivated to bring the international work of IBC forward, help finding and knitting relations and partnerships worldwide and enhance the profile of Blue Cross as a global movement with one voice.”

In addition to its new president, IBC is pleased to announce the election of Hans Eglin, Managing Director of regional Blue Cross Youth organisation from Switzerland as vice president of the Network Committee (board).

Other newly elected Network Committee members are: Ewa Duda, addiction therapist and promotion coordinator at Blue Cross Poland and Lars Thidemann Jensen, Vice Secretary-General in Blue Cross Denmark.

Other Network Committee members continuing their terms are Rolf Hartmann, President of Blue Cross Brazil; Ingalill Söderberg, journalist and board member at local and regional Swedish Blue Ribbon; Holger Lux, MD, Director Blue Cross Rehabilitation-Centres in Romania. Substitute members are Patrick Acheampong, General Secretary Blue Cross Ghana, Revocatus Nginila, Project Coordinator, Blue Cross Society of Tanzania.