Prevention Differently with Sanna Lüdi

"Engagement Across Borders" with skicross World Cup winner Sanna Lüdi


15 April 2014. The International Blue Cross successfully held its first big prevention event on Saturday, 12 April, in the Bernese shopping centre “Shoppyland”. Sanna Lüdi – skicross World Cup winner – was present and gave her full support to the worldwide engagement of the International Blue Cross.

Provided with a funny looking pair of goggles, Sanna tries to find her way around some obstacles posed on the ground, open a baby gate, and do an easy drawing on a flipchart. Why is it that this sporty, muscular girl hardly succeeds in fulfilling these basic and simple tasks? It is because the goggles she wears simulate 1.5‰ of alcohol blood content, and that is what makes her lose control over her movements and gestures. Sanna laughs and says: “It felt as my hands were far away from my body and made out of rubber. I had no control!”

Sanna, the International Blue Cross ambassador, motivated children and youth to do the event's “goggle course” just as she did - so they could experience what drunkenness could feel like. One of the children commented: “If I were on my bike, I would have driven straight into the next wall ...” What if it were not a bike, but a car ... ?

Event participants very much appreciated the dance shows of the hip hop groups “roundabout” of the local Blue Cross which were an important part of the event. They also enjoyed the concert of “Anshelle”, an excellent Bernese Rock-Pop-Band that also supports the engagement of the International Blue Cross.

Christine Aebli, Communications and Media Officer at the International Blue Cross, concludes: “The event allowed us to draw public attention to the necessity of comprehensive prevention programmes and alcohol policies around the world. In developing countries alcohol policies are either inexistent or not strictly implemented. But especially in these countries, poverty and unemployment push people into alcohol and drug abuse. Our engagement and daily work at the International Blue Cross aims to offer children and youth a new outlook on life – without alcohol and drugs.”

Berner Zeitung, 14. April 2014 - Mit 1.5 Promille unterwegs ...