Alcohol consumption in Tanzania is at a problematic level and shows unhealthy patterns. Compared to the African average of 6,3 litres, the per capita consumption in Tanzania is with 9,4 litres of pure alcohol annually very high. Especially young people between 15 and 19 years engage in highly problematic consumption patterns: More than 70 % of the boys and around 35 % of the girls practise heavy episodic drinking, meaning they consume very high amounts of alcohol in a short time. In general, alcohol harm is a much bigger problem among the male population, roughly 62 % of women abstain completely from drinking alcohol, whereas only 32 % of men renounce alcohol in general. Nevertheless, alcohol harm is not a “men´s problem” in Tanzania. The alcohol consumption of a man has an impact on the social and economic situation of his family and often causes violence, poverty and bad mental and physical well-being for those dependant of him. Seeing the need for change, IBC has begun to implement its successful Life Skills Prevention programme with its local partner in Arusha in 2020.

Programme Phase

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Blue Cross Society Tansania