Protecting people in times of Covid19

The Coronavirus has impacted life around the globe. Economic prosperity has come to a halt in many places, health systems and job markets are being stretched, businesses are faced with bankruptcy, all activities of public and private life have to be adapted to the threat the fast spreading Coronavirus is posing.

How we adapt to the Crisis

Also in our organizational processes, from how we run development projects on the ground to how we work together in the management and administrative processes to how we network and keep in touch with our client and partners we have had to make substantial changes.

As a global umbrella organization, IBC has responded to the situation by ensuring a reliable information flow to its project teams around the world, providing them with updated information on how to apply local safety measures in accordance to WHO guidelines.

One of our important concerns is now as well, to draw attention to the dangerous side effects the safety measures and restrictions are carrying. The global trend of increased alcohol consumption and incidences of domestic violence as a result of the very necessary restrictions is preoccupying to us. Especially families in which alcohol and drug problems are prevalent or where there is a history of domestic violence, are under immense pressure as schools are closed. This is also true for our Life Skills project countries Togo, the Republic of Congo and Chad.

We are currently very busy advising our programme teams there on how to modify activities to continue the support for the most vulnerable people. One idea is to set up a free helpline number that the Blue Cross staff could facilitate. Especially young people could continue having the opportunity to receive some life skills support on themes like stress, anxiety, emotional and relationship management, drugs- and alcohol prevention and domestic violence and gender equality.

Solidarity with the most Vulnerable

African countries are very vulnerable to the consequences the spread of Covid19 is carrying. Preventing the disease to spread is the only possibility African countries have to avert a disaster – as most of the public health systems in African countries are poorly managed and lack resources to cope with the pandemic. With the disease extending to the world´s poorest countries, UN General Secretary António Guterres is requesting worldwide solidarity: “We must come to the aid of the ultra-vulnerable – millions upon millions of people who are least able to protect themselves. This is a matter of basic human solidarity.“

With this statement in mind we truly thank you for your continued support! Part of our funding this year will be utilized for the Covid19-adaptations to our programmes. Especially now we have to continue helping the vulnerable. Not only medical aid and support is needed but also psycho-social support in order to enable people to cope with the difficult conditions.

Useful Resources

The following resources can be useful for individuals, organizations or companies in the social sector: