your bequest for a good cause

You want to do good beyond your life and shape the future? With your bequest, you can help us to protect disadvantaged adolescents and adults from addiction and disease and give them a life perspective.

Think calmly about what matters to you in life - and whether you can imagine taking our work for and with disadvantaged people worldwide into account in your will.

With us your money is in good hands and used correctly - this is what we stand for with the ZEWO donation seal and our transparency, which is set forth in our annual business report. It does not matter whether you can make a big or a small contribution - every bequest bears fruit here.

We are happy to personally advise you - in our office in Bern, on the phone or at your home.

If you are interested or you have questions, please contact us.Anja TuchtenhagenTel: + 41 31 301 98 04Email