For more information how to support our programmes in the South, please contact us.Anja TuchtenhagenEmail

Our fundamental values are based on the Christian faith, charity, and solidarity with those in need. We have a long tradition as a Christian organization: Pastor and founder of the Blue Cross movement Louis-Lucien Rochat and his fellow campaigners were already helping people with alcohol problems to participate again in social life and to overcome their addiction at the end of the 19th century. The unconditional solidarity with those who have been pushed to the margins of society and the holistic-spiritual acceptance of all humans distinguishes our work and that of our members. This is why we are especially happy to receive support from churches and Christian organizations.

We would be happy to discuss ways that you can individually support our work. Two options are:

  • Donations: Support one of our programs with a one-time or recurring donation.
  • Collections: Collections from your community can benefit our programs

We are happy to provide you with information materials and discuss cooperation possibilities. We also look forward to getting to know you and your community personally.