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Managing a company successfully means much more than calculating profit margins, calculating sales and generating profits. Companies bear responsibility for their employees and employees’ families: companies influence their social security and financial situations and often even the socio-economic structure of their city or district.

In a globalized world, more and more companies want to demonstrate care for broader social responsibility. National and international commitment is becoming the focus not only of large companies, but also of small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you, as a company, are toying with the idea of getting involved internationally, we can discuss various possibilities with you individually. As a cooperation partner, we jointly develop a partnership vision that is adapted to your needs and ideas.

Examples of a partnership:

Your company can sponsor one of our programmes. The period and scope of the participation will be determined individually.

Christmas fundraising:
You can donate a certain amount or percentage of your profits annually at Christmas. Employees can participate individually by donating part of their Christmas bonus.

Marketing partnership:
If you include our work in your marketing activities, we advertise you as a sponsor.