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Do you want to work for a good cause in your free time, learn new things and work on exciting projects?
Then support us as a volunteer!

As a volunteer at the IBC, you can take on exciting tasks and broaden your horizons. Besides this, you make a valuable contribution to achieving our vision: a world in which all people can lead a life without addiction.

Together we define your task area - you decide how much time you want to "donate" to us. Moreover, if you do not live near our headquarters in Bern, you can also support us from home. We are also looking forward to international support from different countries and continents! Of course, we will provide you with a certificate for your commitment and you will also have the opportunity to participate in annual webinars for volunteer supporters.

We are always looking for volunteers in the following areas:

You help us to generate donations. By picking up the phone and calling potential donors, for example. Together with the fundraising team, you will also discuss ways to generate new donations.

You support us in the management of our social media channels, you design project brochures with the help of Photoshop and InDesign, or you maintain our online marketing activities such as Google AdWords.

You help us to publish our communication media in several languages. For this you have to be fluent in at least two of the following languages: German, English, French or Portuguese.

You support us in activities related to administration, bookkeeping, finances and everything else that currently occurs in our office in Bern.

Adrian's Volunteer Experience at IBC

“Having my own field of responsibility, fulfilled me with great satisfaction.”

Adrian SteinerIBC Volunteer

My inspiration to work as a volunteer for IBC was to experience once in a lifetime an engagement for a worldwide non-governmental development organisation. The fact that IBC, as a specialist on tackling alcohol and drug related social and development issues, gave me the opportunity to get in touch with a fascinating topic: health and education programmes in Africa and South America.

As a business economist, being temporarily without a permanent job, the activity at IBC, where I was working 1- or 2-days weekly, was the right and most interesting thing at that time. It made sense and it gave me the feeling of being needed.
I was mainly involved in fundraising activities with churches, a field, that was not really worked on before. I assisted in donor reporting and sending out calls for donations. Besides that, I very much appreciated the warm contacts with church secretaries, pastors, consistories, etc.

Another task I was strongly involved was the developing of the Bexio database for donor management. It included the data input and the use of the Bexio database on donor management and fundraising.

Further on, I assisted the team at writing texts on donor applications and reports
and other IBC publications. I was proofreading in German and using consequently English and German as working languages. I also supported the secretary with translations, office mail, office materials etc.

The variety of challenging and meaningful activities, including having my own field of responsibility, fulfilled me with great satisfaction. Also, being integrated in a wonderful team, which I could rely on and which supported me, reinforced my motivation. Knowing that through my contribution I was participating in helping the most vulnerable people, giving them the chance of leading a more meaningful life with brighter expectations for their future, filled me with joy.

Deborah's Volunteer Experience at IBC

“I wanted to work for an organization that makes the world a better place."

DeborahIBC Volunteer

Hi, I’m Debbie Lee-Schütte, 53 years old, an English teacher at a primary school, a passionate hiker and mother of two daughters. Besides that, since 2018 I am a volunteer at the International Blue Cross.

My motivation for becoming a volunteer at IBC is simple: I want to work for an organization that makes the world a better place. And I felt that IBC gives me a possibility to do so. In advocating for better alcohol and drug rehabilitation and prevention, one feels the common vision the members of the Blue Cross family share: A world in which every person receives help and support without being stigmatized.

As a volunteer, it is my main task to assist Katrin, the Finance Officer in the daily work load. I help reconciling bank accounts and expenses and support payment allocation and invoicing. This is where I feel I can use my skills best. Usually I come to the office in Bern once per week and I feel it is an ideal opportunity for me to get an insight into a different field of work and learn new things. The staff and the other volunteers are friendly and I always enjoy coming to the office – all in all an enriching experience!